You can use Tessie to control your Tesla automatically. Tessie has different types of automations, listed below.

Additionally, you can use Tessie's integrations with iOS Shortcuts and IFTTT or build your own integration using our developer-friendly API.

Repeating Automations

Repeating automations run at a specific time on specific days, and optionally, when the vehicle is at a specific place.


  • Enable Sentry every evening at 6pm
  • Start the climate every weekday at 7am when the vehicle is parked at home
  • Vent the windows every day at 3pm when the vehicle is parked at work

One-Time Automations

One-time automations run at a specific date and time, and optionally, when the vehicle is at a specific place.


  • Start the climate in 1 hour
  • Start the climate tomorrow morning, but only if the vehicle is at home
  • Open the garage this afternoon

On Arrival Automations

On arrival automations run when you park at a specific place.


  • Set the charge limit to 100% when arriving at work
  • Disable Sentry when arriving at home
  • Enable Sentry when arriving at work

Charging Schedule Automations

Charging schedules restrict charging to the times you want. See Charging Schedules to learn more.

What's the difference between Automation and Schedule?

The features found under Schedule are built-in to your Tesla and are designed to schedule charging.

Automation is a feature unique to Tessie. It allows virtually unlimited vehicle control, including scheduling charging.

Schedule runs from your vehicle and Automation runs from Tessie in the cloud. Both operate independently. See Scheduled Charging Comparison to discover what's best for you.

Does the app need to be open?

Nope! You don't even need your phone to be on. Tessie automagically runs your automations in the cloud so they get executed regardless of your device.

Why didn't my automation happen?

If you have a location specified for your automation, it's possible that your Tesla was outside of it. Make sure the location is large enough to cover where the vehicle is.

Tessie will try to execute your automation for 90 seconds. If it didn't, that means the vehicle was unreachable. This means the vehicle wouldn't wake up in time or there was a WiFi or cellular signal issue in the vehicle.

Restarting your Tesla will often fix both issues.

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