Scheduled Charging Comparison

There are three ways to schedule your Tesla's charging:

  • Automation > Charging Schedules, which schedules charging based on days, times and amps
  • Schedule > Departure, which schedules charging based on the time you want to leave
  • Schedule > Charging, which schedules charging based on a start time

Automation is a feature unique to Tessie. Schedule > Departure and Charging are built into your Tesla. Both operate independently.

When to use Automation > Charging Schedules

Use Charging Schedules when you want your vehicle to only charge during certain times or with certain amps.

For example, you want the vehicle to only charge during off-peak times to save money on your electric bill.

You can press Start Charging or Stop Charging in the Tessie app to override charging schedules. Charging schedules will resume the next time you plug in.

When to use Schedule > Departure

Use Schedule > Departure when you want to ensure your vehicle is at your charge limit at a certain time.

For example, you want to make sure the vehicle is always at 90% at 8am.

If you enable Off-Peak Charging, the vehicle will make an effort to charge before the off-peak end time, but will ignore the off-peak time, if necessary, to meet your charge limit at the given time.

When to use Schedule > Charging

Use Schedule > Charging when you only care when charging starts.

For example, you want the vehicle to start charging at 1am every day.

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