Sleeping and Waking

Your Tesla will sleep when left idle and its computers aren't busy. This is a low-power state that can help conserve battery drain while the car is idle and unplugged.

Does Tessie let my vehicle sleep?

Tessie allows your vehicle to sleep naturally after it goes idle and will never wake your Tesla without your action.

My Tesla isn't waking up or is taking a long time

This is a known Tesla firmware issue.

Tessie issues a wake request to your Tesla, and then it wakes up when it's ready. Tessie has no control or influence over whether it's successful or how long it takes.

If your Tesla isn't waking up remotely, you can fix it by restarting the car: hold both scroll wheel buttons on the steering wheel until the screen turns off.

My Tesla wakes up randomly

When unplugged and away from WiFi, it's common for a vehicle to wake up on its own a couple times a day to check in with Tesla.

When plugged in or near WiFi, it's common for a vehicle to wake up frequently (and sometimes extremely frequently) to calibrate, charge or check in with Tesla.

In other words, this is totally normal. It's just your Tesla taking care of itself!

My Tesla isn't sleeping at all

There are many reasons why your Tesla might stay awake.

Here are some things to check for, in order of their likelihood:

If you've ever used another third party Tesla service

There is an extremely high likelihood that it's communicating with your Tesla while Tessie is letting it sleep. To fix this:

  1. Change your account password.
  2. Reconnect your Tesla account in Tessie by going to Settings > Connectivity > Disconnect/Connect.

Check for Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode will keep the car awake to monitor the surroundings.

Check the WiFi signal

Weak WiFi connections can cause the car to stay awake due to constant disconnections and reconnections. You can turn off WiFi in the car or move your WiFi router to improve the signal.

Check for Cabin Overheat Protection
Cabin Overheat Protection will keep the car awake to monitor interior temperatures. You can disable it via the in-car settings screen.
Check for Summon Standby
Summon Standby will keep the car awake. You can disable it via the in-car settings screen.
Check for nearby key fobs or Bluetooth devices
Nearby key fobs and paired Bluetooth devices will keep your car awake. You can move them out of range.
Be mindful that a key fob or device may also keep the car awake if it's above or below the car, like if your car is in the garage and the key fob or phone is in an adjacent room in the basement or on the second floor.
If you've reached this point, you've hit a firmware bug
You've run into a known issue with Tesla firmware that can prevent the car from sleeping. You can restart the car by holding the brake and both scroll wheel buttons on the steering wheel for 20 seconds or so until the main screen restarts.

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