Random Wakes

This guide explains why your Tesla wakes up by itself and what you can do about it.

For the complete list of what you can do to help your Tesla sleep, follow the steps at Eliminating Phantom Drain.

System maintenance causes

Most wakes are for the vehicle to perform maintenance. These maintenance tasks and their wake behavior are detailed below.

1. Auxiliary 12V battery maintenance: Wakes every 10-60 minutes

If you notice your Tesla waking up on an exact pattern, this is the reason why.

According to Tesla, these wakes are to support the auxiliary 12V battery system.

In certain conditions, this may be triggered by the Tesla data API. In Tessie, change Settings > Connectivity > Polling Interval to 60 seconds and wait 24 hours to see if it helps.

If it doesn't help, many customers have had success in reducing excessive wakes by getting the 12V battery serviced or replaced.

2. Background uploads: Wakes every 2-15 minutes

When data sharing is enabled, the vehicle may frequently wake and upload data to Tesla in the background.

You can prevent these wakes by disabling Software > Data Sharing in the vehicle.

3. Tesla check-ins: Brief wakes every 3 to 24 hours

Tesla is constantly deploying configuration changes, alerts and updates across the fleet, so your vehicle will periodically wake up and check in with Tesla. This is known as "phoning home" to the Tesla Mothership.

These wakes can't be prevented.

4. Background downloads: Occasional prolonged wakes

Software updates can download in the background and keep the vehicle awake. Some software updates will only download on Wi-Fi, but others will also download on cellular data.

These wakes can't be prevented.

5. Pending software updates: Occasional prolonged wakes

If a software update is pending install, the vehicle may stay awake or wake repeatedly until it's installed.

You can prevent these wakes by installing any pending update.

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