Vehicle Offline / Missing Data

Tessie works by getting data from Tesla. If data is missing or the vehicle is offline, it means Tesla isn't able to contact the vehicle.

How can I fix it?

You can frequently fix this issue simply by selecting Settings > Connectivity > Upgrade to Next-Gen.

This will upgrade your vehicle to a newer connection which usually eliminates missing data issues.

What if that doesn't fix it?

After analyzing years of data across the Tesla fleet and comparing diagnosis notes with Tesla Service Centers and engineers, we've found that this can also be caused by the following:

  • Weak cellular or WiFi signal (change to cellular or WiFi)
  • Hotspot tethering (change to cellular or standard WiFi)
  • Low or defective 12V battery (replace it)
  • Defective connectivity board (replace it)
  • Firmware versions prior to 2023.44.30.7 (upgrade firmware and the MCU, if necessary)
  • Modem and SIM card changes may cause issues

When in doubt, try an easy fix by restarting the vehicle.

Looking for old data?

Tesla vehicles do not store historical data, so it's not possible to retrieve drives or charges from before activating Tessie.

If you're needing to restart frequently

If tracking or connectivity are dropping out frequently and requiring regular restarts, it's highly indicative that Tesla may need to replace the 12V battery or the connectivity board.

If the start of a drive or charge is missing

When the vehicle goes idle, Tessie stops data retrieval for up to 20 minutes to allow it to sleep. During this time, Tessie relies on the vehicle's streaming API to communicate to us if driving or charging begins.

If the start of a drive or charge is missing, it means that the vehicle's streaming API didn't report that driving or charging began.

This can happen for two reasons:

  1. The API is already in use by another tracking service. You can fix this by using one tracking service.
  2. The vehicle has a bug. You can fix it by restarting.

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