Direct Telemetry

Now in beta

Direct Telemetry is the world's best vehicle telemetry system. Based on the Tesla Fleet Telemetry framework, it consists of a cutting edge, end-to-end encrypted data stream directly between the vehicle and our cloud platform, which enables deep systems data, like battery temperatures, service alerts and more.

Direct Telemetry is highly energy efficient and incurs no additional battery usage.


  • Vehicle firmware version 2023.20.6 or later
  • Virtual Key

Enable Direct Telemetry

Select the info circle next to the vehicle name in the web or app interface and select Manage Direct Telemetry.

It typically takes 2 to 10 minutes for Direct Telemetry to start transmitting data. It may display Synced to Vehicle: Pending for up to 48 hours as the configuration is verified.

Applying updates

We periodically release over-the-air telemetry updates. If an update is available, an Apply Update button will be shown under Manage Direct Telemetry.

Pending updates will eventually be automatically installed on the vehicle, but you can press Apply Update to apply the update immediately. Updates are applied seamlessly and do not interrupt Direct Telemetry or any vehicle function.


Direct Telemetry is still in development. The current features are listed below:

  • Battery > Energy
  • Battery > Temperature
  • Battery > Current
  • Battery > Voltage
  • Activity > Energy Remaining
  • Activity > Battery Temperature
  • Activity > Battery Current
  • Activity > Battery Voltage
  • Alerts > Firmware Alerts
  • Battery Health > Lifetime Energy Used

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