Use Google Home or Assistant to control your Tesla

You can use Tessie to control your Tesla using Google Home or Google Assistant.

Link IFTTT and Google Assistant

  1. Open the Google Home app and click the Settings button in the middle of the screen.
  2. Tap Works with Google > IFTTT.
  3. Sign up or log in to IFTTT.

Get a Tessie access token to use with IFTTT

Open the Tessie app and tap Settings > Developer API > Generate access token.

Create your voice commands

  1. Visit
  2. Select If This > Google Assistant V2 > Activate scene.
  3. Enter the feature you want to activate. For example: "climate". This is the key activation phrase you'll use with Google Home/Assistant.
  4. Select Then That > Webhooks > Make a web request.
  5. For URL, enter
  6. Replace VIN with your vehicle's VIN and TOKEN with your developer token generated above.
  7. Tap Create action > Continue > Finish.

You can now say "Hey Google, activate climate" to start the climate in your Tesla.

You can replace "start_climate" in the guide above with any of the commands below.

List of commands

  • activate_front_trunk
  • activate_rear_trunk
  • close_charge_port
  • close_sunroof
  • close_windows
  • disable_sentry
  • disable_valet
  • enable_sentry
  • enable_valet
  • flash
  • honk
  • lock
  • open_charge_port
  • remote_boombox
  • remote_start
  • start_charging
  • start_climate
  • start_max_defrost
  • start_steering_wheel_heater
  • stop_charging
  • stop_climate
  • stop_max_defrost
  • stop_steering_wheel_heater
  • trigger_homelink
  • unlock
  • vent_sunroof
  • vent_windows

You can find more controls that have additional parameters, like specifying a charge limit and heating specific seats, in our API reference.

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