Amazon Alexa Commands

Get information about your Tesla

"get the charge level"
"is the car locked?"

Control doors, windows and trunks

"open front"
"open rear"
"open sunroof"
"close sunroof"
"vent windows"
"close windows"

Control garage doors and gates
"open garage"
"close garage"
"open gate"
"close gate"
"use homelink"
Control climate
"start climate"
"stop climate"
"stop defrost"
"heat steering wheel"
"stop heating steering wheel"
Control seat heat
"heat seat"
"stop heating seat"
"heat front left seat"
By default, seats are heated to level 3. You can specify any seat supported by your vehicle model:
front left
front right
rear left
rear center
rear right
third row left
third row right
Locate your Tesla
Enable keyless driving
"remote start"
"enable keyless driving"
Control Sentry
"enable sentry"
"disable sentry"
Control charging and the charge port
"start charging"
"stop charging"
"charge to (50-100)%"
"set charge limit for (vehicle name)"
"close port"
"open port"
"unlock port"
If you have multiple vehicles
Just specify the vehicle name:
"get charge level of (vehicle name)"
"lock (vehicle name)"
"open the frunk of (vehicle name)"
"open (vehicle name)'s garage"
"heat (vehicle name) seat"

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