Connect your Tesla to Flic 2 buttons and Flic Hub.

  • Control your Tesla by pressing a button that you can stick anywhere
  • Actions are intelligently sent to the vehicle over Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular
  • Specify the vehicle, single click, double click and hold actions for each button
  • Pair and manage unlimited buttons

Pair a button

  1. Open the Tessie app
  2. Tap Integrations > Flic > Pair Button
  3. Press and hold the Flic button for 10 seconds

Purchase buttons

If you don't already have Flic buttons, you can visit our Flic shop to purchase compatible buttons.

Integrate with Flic Hub

You can control your Tesla via Flic Hub by using Flic's IFTTT provider:

  1. Click here and create an access token
  2. Sign in to IFTTT and select Create
  3. Select If This > Flic
  4. Configure the button you want to use and select Create Trigger
  5. Select Then That > Webhooks
  6. For URL, enter any Tessie API endpoint, like https://api.tessie.com/YOUR_VIN/command/lock
  7. For Additional Headers, enter "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"

List of controls

Power up your buttons

Pair Tessie's Phone Key to the vehicle and your buttons will also be able to open doors and instantly send other commands over Bluetooth.

  • Close Charge Port
  • Close Sunroof
  • Close Windows
  • Disable Bioweapon Defense Mode
  • Disable Sentry Mode
  • Disable Valet Mode
  • Enable Bioweapon Defense Mode
  • Enable Camp Mode
  • Enable Dog Mode
  • Enable Sentry Mode
  • Enable Valet Mode
  • Fart
  • Flash
  • Open Front Trunk
  • Honk
  • Lock
  • Open Charge Port
  • Open All Doors
  • Open Front Left Door
  • Open Front Right Door
  • Open Rear Left Door
  • Open Rear Right Door
  • Open/Close Rear Trunk
  • Remote Start
  • Set Seat Heating
  • Start Charging
  • Start Climate / Preconditioning
  • Start Steering Wheel Heater
  • Start Max Defrost
  • Stop Charging
  • Stop Climate / Preconditioning
  • Stop Steering Wheel Heater
  • Stop Max Defrost
  • Trigger HomeLink
  • Unlock
  • Vent Sunroof
  • Vent Windows
  • Wake
  • Close All Doors (Model X)
  • Close Front Left Door (Model X)
  • Close Front Right Door (Model X)
  • Close Rear Left Door (Model X)
  • Close Rear Right Door (Model X)

Change batteries

Flic buttons last up to 24 months on a single battery. Simply swap it out when it's running low.

Need more help? Contact us at support@tessie.com support@tessie.com