Phone & Watch Key

Pair Tessie with your Tesla to enable Auto Unlock, Walk Away Lock and Bluetooth controls.

Works on iPhone, Apple Watch, Android and Wear OS.

Supports Model 3/Y, 2021+ Model S/X, Cybertruck and Semi.

Enable Phone & Watch Key

Using the phone app, tap the key icon on the home screen.

Using the watch app, tap Watch Key.

If your key isn't connecting

See Phone & Watch Key Troubleshooting.

Multiple keys on the same phone

You can use both Tesla Phone Key and Tessie Phone Key at the same time.

The vehicle will only show the first key as connected even when both are connected.

On iOS, having both apps connected counts as 1 of 3 maximum connected keys.

On Android, having both apps connected counts as 2 of 3 maximum connected keys.

Unpair Phone or Watch Key

From your Tesla, tap Locks and then tap the delete icon next to the key.

Once your phone or watch is brought near your Tesla, it will learn that it's unpaired and reset the pairing status.

If your device isn't learning that it's unpaired, make sure that you're inside your Tesla and that less than 3 keys are connected.

How Auto Unlock and Walk Away Lock work

Your Tesla decides to unlock and lock based on the signal strength to your device.

Some devices have a weaker Bluetooth signal and will require being closer to the driver door to connect and unlock.

Auto Unlock and Walk Away Lock on Apple Watch

Apple supports background Bluetooth on Series 6 and watchOS 9 or newer. For older watches, the app must be open for Auto Unlock and Walk Away Lock to work.

For background Bluetooth battery conservation, Apple limits Auto Unlock and Walk Away Lock when the app is closed to a few times per day. Open the app to reset the limit and auto unlock.

Where to tap your key card

Model 3 (Pre-Refresh) and Model Y
Model 3 (Highland Refresh), Model S and Model X