Import your driving and charging data from Teslascope.

  1. In Teslascope, export your "driving progress" and "charges" data. These files are typically named charges-[name].csv and drives-progress-[name].csv.
  2. In Tessie, go to Import > Import from Teslascope.
  3. For each CSV, select the vehicle associated with the data and press Upload File.

That's it! Tessie will automatically process all of your data.

If you receive an "Unable to import" error

Teslascope driving progress exports may fail and cause the exported file to contain invalid data.

If you open the file, you may see HTML code instead of a list of data points. If your export file contains HTML code instead of a list of data points, contact Teslascope support for help.

Need more help? Contact us at support@tessie.com support@tessie.com