Charging Costs

Automatically calculate your charging costs anywhere.


Tessie automatically syncs Supercharging costs with your Tesla account.

Supercharging in different currencies

When Supercharging with a different currency (like when visiting another country), Tessie will automatically convert the cost to your home currency specified under Settings > Display > Currency.

Resyncing Supercharging costs

You can select Settings > Electric Costs > Resync Supercharging Costs to resync your costs with Tesla Supercharging invoices. Currency conversion will automatically be applied if necessary.

Charging at home, work and more

You can automatic cost tracking to any other location by selecting Enable Automatic Costs in any charge. You can also select the address to save the location and add costs to it.
Once you define the cost for a location, select Costs > Update Charging History to automatically apply the costs to your previous charges.

If saved location costs aren’t calculated automatically

Your vehicle is likely parked outside of the location's boundaries.

To fix the location's boundaries and add the costs:

  1. Select Saved Locations in the menu
  2. Select the location
  3. Use the slider and the map to adjust the blue circle to cover any area where the vehicle may be parked
  4. Select Save
  5. Select Costs > Update Charging History to automatically add the costs

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