Tessie features many unique alerts that help make life a little easier and add more peace of mind to your Tesla ownership.

Tessie alerts are designed to perfectly complement those supplied by Tesla, so you never need to worry about getting spammed or seeing duplicate information.

Enabling alerts

You can enable or disable alerts under Alerts in the app or on

Some alerts are location specific. To add location specific alerts, tag a location by tapping the tag in any drive, charge or parking session. You can also add a new location by going to  Tagged Locations. In your tagged location, go to Alerts.

Notifications are sent to every device where you're signed in and notifications are allowed on the device.

Current alerts

  • Unplugged — When you've parked somewhere for a few minutes (like at home) and haven't plugged in.
  • Weather Warnings — When precipitation is detected near your Tesla while parked and a window, door or trunk is open.
  • Charging Errors — When there's an error with charging equipment, including reduced power from Supercharging stalls, power drop outs and power consumption.
  • GPS Errors — When errors with GPS are detected.
  • Speed — When your Tesla exceeds a set speed.
  • Low Battery — When your Tesla is at or falls below a set level.
  • Geofencing — When your Tesla enters or exits a specified area.

Previous notifications (phased out because they were later implemented by Tesla)

  • Doors Left Open
  • Windows Left Open
  • Trunks Left Open

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