Tessie has many unique alerts that help make life a little easier and add more peace of mind to your Tesla ownership. Alerts are thoughtfully designed in style, tone and functionality to perfectly complement those supplied by Tesla.

Notifications are sent to every device where you're signed in and notifications are allowed.

The supported alerts are detailed below:


  • Firmware Alerts — Hardware and service alerts
  • Weather Warnings — When precipitation is detected near your Tesla while parked and a window, door or trunk is open
  • Unlocked — When doors are left unlocked
  • Climate Safety Monitoring — When Dog Mode or Climate Keep is on and the set temperature is exceeded


  • Drive Start — When driving begins
  • Drive End — When driving ends
  • Speed — When your Tesla exceeds a set speed
  • Arrival — When your Tesla enters a specified location
  • Departure — When your Tesla leaves a specified location


  • Charge Start — When charging begins
  • Charge End — When charging ends
  • Reduced Power — When chargers suddenly reduce power
  • No Power — When chargers aren't providing power
  • Low Battery — When your Tesla is at or falls below a set level
  • Not Plugged In — When you've parked and haven't plugged in


  • Low Tire Pressure — When any tire is below a set pressure
  • Tire Rotation — When it's time to rotate tires
  • Brake Fluid Check — When it's time to check brake fluid health
  • Cabin Air Filter — When it's time to replace the cabin air filter
  • HEPA Filter — When it's time to replace the HEPA filter (if equipped)
  • A/C Desiccant Bag — When it's time to replace the A/C desiccant bag

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