Troubleshoot Google Home or Assistant Routines

Google is shutting down Home & Assistant voice apps on June 13, 2023.

Check out our migration guide.

If your routine isn't working or nothing happens
  1. Make sure your routine uses the format "Talk to Tessie" instead of "Ask Tessie".
  2. Make sure your routine is created under Your Routines and not Household Routines.

If your routine has a schedule and it isn't working - OR - you receive the message "Action may need your attention. Please try to fix it by adding a Google Home device to your routine."

Google only supports running scheduled routines using an external speaker.
If you don't have an external speaker selected, the routine will fail to run.
If you have a supported Google Home device:
  1. Open the routine and tap your schedule to edit it.
  2. Tap Hear Assistant audio on this device and select something other than "No device".

Optionally, you may want to silence the notifications on the other device:

  1. Tap Edit in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Add action > Adjust Assistant Volume.
  3. Set Media volume to 0 and tap Done.
  4. Re-order Adjust media volume to be the first action in the routine.
  5. Optionally, repeat steps 2-3 to put the volume back at a regular setting.

If you receive the message "First, here are some details about how Google shares info with other services."

This means you need to agree to Google's privacy policy.

You can display this policy by talking to Tessie once using Assistant. Say"Talk to Tessie" and then tap Got it.

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