Change or Cancel Subscription

Using either the mobile or web app, go to  Settings > Account > Subscription and click Manage.

You'll be redirected to the right place to manage your subscription.

  • If you subscribed via iOS, your subscription is managed by Apple.
  • If you subscribed via Android, your subscription is managed by Google.
  • If you subscribed via the web, your subscription is managed by Stripe.

Changing between monthly and annual plans

You have several options, in order of ease and convenience:

  • On iOS, tap Settings > Account > Subscription > Manage Subscription.
  • On Android, tap Settings > Account > Subscription > Change to Annual Billing. If you experience an error, use the option below.
  • Sign in to and go to Settings > Account > Subscription > Change to Stripe Billing.
  • Let your monthly subscription expire and then select the annual plan when it has expired.

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